A Son of the South, Melvin Kindall Myles lives and breathes music; whether it be Gospel, Jazz, Blues, or Classical, all of these genres of music are ingrained in his bones as a Vocal Performing Artist from Clarksdale, MS.

Since moving to Atlanta, GA in 2013, Melvin has had the great privilege of being a guest vocalist at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church as well as The Temple Atlanta ; out of the relationship between the two congregation, a musical collaboration between Melvin and Rabbi Micah Lapidus, (Composer In Residence) was born.

The collaboration between Rabbi Micah and Melvin continues to grow stronger as the two travel the country sharing Music for People of Conscience as Lapidus & Myles.


Melvin is available for collaborations worldwide. If you want to chat about bookings, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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